What to Look for in a Quality Oil Tank Removal Service Company

Though installing an underground oil tank is a great way to save on storage space, even the hardiest oil tanks will rust and eventually leak.

If you discover an underground oil tank in your yard, you should strongly consider having it removed by a professional.

Here are some important things you should look for in a quality oil tank service company:


For maximum safety, you should be absolutely sure that the oil tank service company employees know what they’re doing.

Before you hire a team to remove your oil tank, ask a few questions about their previous experience.

You should also ask whether they are fully insured and licensed by the state of New Jersey. If not, you should keep looking.


Once you have your leaky oil tank removed, you’ll have to deal with leftover oil, which can poison your yard and threaten your family’s safety.

The best solution is to hire an oil tank service that provides site remediation in addition to tank removal.

If your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover oil cleanup, a good oil tank service will help you obtain a New Jersey state grant.


To ensure that your oil tank is safely removed and that no remaining oil plagues your property, it’s important that you hire a company that guarantees its oil tank sweeps.

Such a guarantee shows that an oil tank service has supreme confidence in its staff and ensures that no matter what, their team of professionals will do an excellent job at no extra expense to you.

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