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What is a Bunded Oil Tank?

A Bunded Oil Tank is essentially an Oil Tank with 2 Skins. Quite simply, the second skin (the bund) is designed to ensure that the Fuel Oil inside an Oil tank does not leak in the event that the outer skin is punctured.

Although a bunded Oil Tank will cost you more than a single skin oil tank, there a few financial reasons why a bunded Oil tank could actually save you money. Use this tank volume calculator for accurate calculations.

Firstly, it will not have escaped your notice the soaring price of heating oil. A bunded tank is the safest option to minimise accidental leaks due to damage to an oil tank. Such a leak could cost you dearly.

Secondly, the environmental impact a leak could have on the environment has been recognised by the government – hence there are now laws ensuring that a bunded oil tank is used in certain situations. This can lead to an automatic fine.