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Immigration + Ingenuity = Migrahack

"We all have something to learn and thanks to the diverse participation at Migrahack, we are taking a step towards a better informed society."

Claudia Núñez
Migrahack Director
Connect Journalists, nonprofits, programmers, data analysts, designers and other community members meet and share expertise.
BuildForm teams with diverse skill sets, dive into immigration data, find some insights and create a data visualization project. Above all, have fun.
ShareWe'll share what we learn with the wider world. All projects will be open source, so that others may take them farther. The energy continues.
Ready to get started?
Join us for Arizona Migrahack, March 20-22!

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New types of journalism, nonprofit work and collaborations have been created.
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Join us for a FREE day of data viz training and a weekend of hacking.
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Arizona Migrahack
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Migrahack Training Day at CSUN
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